The Think and Grow Rich Institute offers programs that change lives. Using the success principles outlined in our course, millions of men and women have started from scratch, with little formal education or money, and lifted themselves to greatness to amass fortunes.

Our life-altering program was developed in conjunction with the Napoleon Hill Foundation. It is based on the best-selling self-help book, Think and Grow Rich, and has become the standard against which all personal development programs are measured.

With 120 million copies sold worldwide, Think and Grow Rich is a well-established self-help philosophy. In fact, many of today’s most prominent leaders accredit their success to following its principles. However, few are aware that Napoleon Hill also developed comprehensive courses that teach the Think and Grow Rich system, with tools, resources, and instruction on how to apply its life-changing ideas to our daily lives.

We offer Napoleon Hill’s life-changing course in an impactful 2-day workshop, complete with exercises, discussions, examples, and the development of a personal action plan.

Our program is a proven, timeless philosophy that has changed millions of lives. It can change yours too – if you let it.  

We’re excited to announce that Think and Grow Rich is being made into a groundbreaking feature-length docudrama – THINK: The legacy of Think and Grow Rich. Take a sneak-peak below to learn about the movie and some of the famous lives that Think and Grow Rich has impacted.