There are so many things to be worried about, but sports is often a hot topic during these times. What will happen to the season? Will it continue, if so when? With all that in mind, one question that has not been a topic of discussion is what about the assets teams acquired at the deadline? Both NBA and NHL have recent trade deadlines that have passed and the question I believe is most important is what do teams do if the season is cancelled tomorrow. 

Since Christmas Eve, 16 deals were made in the NBA and 54 in the NHL since January 2nd. Most transactions near or at the deadline were intended to help teams make a playoff push now, not 5 years from now. So, if the season gets cancelled, what happens to teams that acquired guys on an expiring contract?

 Vancouver Canucks gave up a handful for Tyler Toffoli and Arizona Coyotes shipped out a first round pick for a shot at the playoffs for the first time in seven years for Taylor Hall. In the NBA the Clippers gave up two first picks, and a second to bring in Marcus Morris. The issue at hand is if the season gets cancelled, did teams really give up a chance at a better future for essentially nothing? 

What I believe should be done is one of two things

1.Teams Get To Keep Their Acquired Player For Following Season

Now yes, there are complications that come into play. Player offseason plans can be affected, salary cap issues, amongst others. In terms of the players option, they have none. You were acquired to help bring a championship to your new teams, go out and do it. The cap hit is the biggest issue for teams to face the following year.

Both leagues are already facing a large amount of financial deficits, but they need to help swallow a portion. Teams and players both may feel that the players current contract may not be fair, but this is a tough spot for ownership. Future of teams will be compromised as a result, while ownership feels they did not get what is theirs. 

2.Compensatory Draft Picks

This is the most likely of the two options to appease ownership. If a team acquired a player and left voluntarily in the offseason to another team/league you are entitled to draft picks which will be given in a lottery format. 

Ex. Marcus Morris signs in New Orleans (LAC receives a 33rd overall pick as compensation) and vice versa for the NHL

This is a topic of discussion for many years as the MLB and NFL do the same. This might be the time we see a change like this affect every free athlete in the four major north American leagues. 

Players’ desire to continue to play for their respected team can change at any time, especially if one team makes the finals and loses by a slim margin, those players could be more inclined to resign with that team because of it. There is no way to truly determine the outlook of the offseason, but rather everyone’s own personal opinion. There has to be some help to offset the loss from handing out assets if the seasons are null and void. With so many opinions coming out, this is a very important topic which needs to be further analyzed.