Maple Leafs superstar Auston Matthews has tested positive for COVID-19. Following a report on Friday afternoon from Postmedia, Matthews has now gone into quarantine in his Arizona home. This has left many wondering what this means for the NHL’s return.

The NHL is currently in Phase 2 of their return to play. It was hopeful that by mid-July training camp could begin. That may now be in doubt as earlier today, the Tampa Bay Lightning also shut down their training facilities. The Lightning reported positive cases among their players and staff.

Both Arizona and Florida are among the states with the highest number of COVID cases.

What Happens Now ?

While many people are calling for an end to the season after today’s news, that may not have to be the case. If the players and staff members decide to quarantine properly the chances of seeing hockey return is still likely. Take for example the German Soccer League. When they first began talks of returning, they too had many cases. After following proper protocol they have been able to successfully finish their season, while also not being in a bubble.

We wish Auston Matthews a speedy recovery. Stay safe everyone and please do your part.