Once again the Maple Leafs season comes to an end again at the final hurdle. Even after their impressive performance in Game 4, they failed to convert when it mattered most. The Blue Jackets won game five 3-0, leaving the Maple Leafs in very familiar territory.

Offensive Struggles

All season the Maple Leafs were considered one of the best offensive teams in the league, but once again the offense struggled to perform. Scoring only 3 goals at even strength all series, Toronto underachieved. At moments they looked great, but they couldn’t seem to find that killer blow.

Questions will be asked why they can’t find the right mix in crucial games. Even with Sheldon Keefe going with an offensive line-up they couldn’t score. The all-star line of Tavares, Matthews and Marner had their chances and the rest of the team couldn’t continue the pressure. This resulted in the Maple Leafs trailing early and having to chase most of the game.

Broken Record

Like in the previous two game sevens against Boston, Toronto was outplayed. Columbus played much better in all the areas and were able to coast to the win. During games one and two the Maple Leafs looked much better defensively. After game 3 however they went back to their usual form that we had seen all season.

Questions will now be asked of Andersen, as he once again failed to show up in the crucial game. Andersen is now 0-4 in series clinching games. In the playoffs a team is only as good as their goalie and it seems maybe Andersen might not be the goalie for the big moments. We do need to give him the benefit of the doubt as other than Reilly and Muzzin, the defense put in front of him was garbage. Holl and Dermot clearly proved they are nothing special continually making horrible mistakes. Barrie and Ceci more than likely played their final game in blue after also having horrible seasons.

What Now?

After their short stint in the bubble, the Maple Leafs have a very rough off season ahead. Once again they gave Leafs nation high hopes but failed to live up to the hype. There will be many questions asked when it comes to who is staying and who is on their way out. There is a very good chance this team will look much different when the next regular season beings.

Who will the Leafs let go? What will they change? Many are easier to pick than others, but I feel that there is a good chance one of the big young stars could be on the way out. The Maple Leafs are in dire need of a top defensemen and trading one of their big stars could get them just the player they need. We are  in for a very rocky and interesting road ahead.