TFC made a bit of a shocking move earlier this week when they traded Jay Chapman to Inter Miami in exchange for $100,000 worth of allocation money. Jay Chapman was born in Brampton, which is not too far from Toronto. He also played for TFC’s youth academy and represented Canada on the world soccer stage as well. However, emotions aside, this is a positive move more than a negative one. Here are some reasons why Jay Chapman’s trade makes sense for TFC.


For those that don’t know why clubs want allocation money, it’s for a number of reasons.  Obviously, the fee that TFC got from Inter Miami FC isn’t enough to buy any player. In this inflated transfer market, no allocation money will be enough. However, the money can go towards various things such as signing free agents. This is because all you need to do when signing a free agent is pay the player themselves. There are no transfer fees or anything else.

If a TFC player wants to renew their contract and they see that this move happened, they can use it as leverage. However, the point I’m trying to make here is that this extra money allows more flexibility for player salaries. The allocation money Toronto FC acquired from this trade is approximately 100,000 US dollars. Also, Jay Chapman earned $138,500 this past season. Therefore, that’s a significant amount of money to save for other transactions involving players.


Within any team or club that we support, there are always players that we become attached to and when they get traded or leave many of us feel sad. In this case, Jay Chapman was one of those players but it makes complete sense why the club decided to trade him. Over the course of this season, he got very minimal playing time and obviously wasn’t in Greg Vanney’s plans moving forward. Also, consider his age. He’s not a spring chicken anymore, he’s 25. At that age, you’re expected to be in your prime, therefore if you don’t perform or aren’t good enough, your leash is short.

We wish Jay Chapman all the best with Inter Miami FC.