Image result for Kyle LowryKyle Lowry has been the leader of the Raptors for a while now, long enough for everyone to see how important he is to the team’s success over the last decade. His personal accolades speak for themselves. He is a perennial All-Star with an All-NBA selection.

Lowry has a simple play style that comes with having a wide variety of tools and an excellent understanding of the game. He plays a very well-rounded game, very much like a traditional point guard.

Lowry’s Array of Weapons

Lowry is a jack of all trades, so he has a simple, solid type of strength. When running the offence he is effective in the pick and roll, in isolation, and at getting post position. He uses a crafty arsenal of spins and step-backs to get off short mid-range shots making him a menace to defend against.

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Defensively he is one of the best in the league. He is excellent at guarding the perimeter while many larger forwards are unable to back him down. On top of that Lowry is the best in the league at drawing charges while being excellent at deflecting the ball as well. During the 2019-2020 season Lowry has drawn 30 charges. This leaves him ranked 1st, tied with Montrezl Harrell. He sits tied at 15th in deflections per game with 2.9.

During his time in Toronto Lowry has averaged 17.6 pts and 7.1 assists. Being able to score effectively from inside and outside only helps his passing. As the defence draws towards him he is able to find the open man for easy buckets or other opportunities.

The Curse of Being Well Rounded

Due to his small size he has to be cautious about attacking the paint. The Raptors utilize a 5-out style offence to prevent the defence from clogging the paint. His style of play isn’t the best suited for isolation though it is acceptable. He isn’t quite able to blow by defenders in isolation sets and is forced into taking shots from deep. In these instances Lowry tends to see his shooting efficiency start to slump.

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He’s a great, well-rounded point guard but no single part of his play stands out as being the best (aside from drawing charges). He doesn’t stand out as being the single best player at one thing.

Overall it’s hard to think of things he does poorly. He really does play like a pure Point Guard. His style of play is so solid across the board that he can’t be bad , even if he doesn’t overwhelm you with extraordinarily deep range, or blistering speed.

Working Well With Others

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There is no ‘best buddy’ for Lowry. The Raptors style of play has so much variety that most players work well together. These are somethings to consider. Having a Centre with the ability to stretch the floor and run pick and rolls with is nice. Having another guard that can carry some of the offensive load maximizes his effectiveness. As long as his teammates assist his strong play making and ability to slash he will play like a champion.

Heart of a Champion

Kyle Lowry has made a career being dubbed the second guy. Playing behind first Demar DeRozan, then Kawhi Leonard, and now Pascal Siakam but he’s always been the heart for this Raptors team and is the  longest tenured player on a team. He has the most amount of All-Star selections in franchise history as well as having the franchise record for assists.

He is a NBA Champion.

His basketball IQ is excellent and he often leads the huddle. or gives advice to his teammates. What was meant to be a rental pick-up turned into the greatest player in Raptors franchise history, The Pitbull from Pennsylvania, Kyle Lowry.

Kyle Lowry's Stats as a Toronto Raptor
Kyle Lowry’s Stats as a Toronto Raptor