The Maple Leafs dropped two big points against the Panthers on Monday night. The Panthers scored four unanswered goals in the third period. The loss now puts the Maple Leafs outside of the playoffs. And to make matters worse, Fredrick Andersen did not return for the second period after he was involved in a collision late in the first.

The Good 

After a tough loss, it’s hard to find any positives in the game, however there were a few. For the seventh straight game the Leafs were able to convert on the power-play. Tavares’ goal early in the second came on the power-play.  The Leafs nearly added another late in the second as Nylander scored his 25th of the season only seconds after the power-play had concluded.

Under Keefe, the Maple Leafs have the best power-play percentage in the league. Since November, their power-play has been firing at around 37%. This one of the areas where the Leafs have always excelled. Under Keefe however, they are much better as he has given Barrie a lot more time on the power-play. Barrie’s offensive numbers have gone up and this will be key if they are going to make it into the playoffs.

The Bad

After holding the Panthers to only 11 shots through the first two periods, it was looking like they would cruise to a win. Matthews even gave them a two goal lead on his 37th goal of the season. Florida stormed back, scoring four unanswered goals. The Leafs just could not recover after that.

Heading into the game, the Leafs sat two points ahead of Florida. Now, the Panthers have two games in hand on the Maple Leafs making the climb even tougher.

The Ugly 

If things couldn’t get any worse, Andersen left the game with an injury. Late in the first period, a Panthers forward crashed into the net colliding with Andersen. At first glance Andersen seemed to be fine but he would not return to the game. The Maple Leafs have not given much information on the injury only saying it was an upper body injury.

I know I shouldn’t panic right away but if Andersen is out for an extended period of time, I don’t see the Leafs making the playoffs. It would be almost impossible for Dubas to make a trade for a playoff caliber goalie. Hutchinson has been playing well as of late, but there is no way he can carry the Leafs into the playoffs with how terrible the defensemen can be at times.

The Maple Leafs will return to action Wednesday night as they head into New York to play the Rangers.