Toronto FC has just opened up training camp and announced they will be without their captain for the next 4 months. Michael Bradley has an ankle injury and will be undergoing surgery to repair it. It seems the injury took place during the MLS Cup final back in November.

You read that right. NOVEMBER.


Why is he just having surgery now to repair the ankle? Is this a medical staff error or did Bradley downplay the injury?

Michael Bradley withdrew from the US national team stating an ankle injury but also said it would only take a few weeks to heal. Now GM Ali Curtis has said that the injury is “very severe and complicated”.

Bradley just recently signed a TAM deal to extend his stay in Toronto. I want to take the time and put to rest any theories that Bradley hid the injury so it wouldn’t affect his contract. Before signing any player, TFC should execute a proper medical evaluation. This whole situation is the medical staff’s fault.

How far up the chain of command this goes, I don’t know, but something has to be done. This isn’t the first time either. You may recall last season Jozy Altidore calling out President Bill Manning after a game when he got injured. Now Jozy’s back, and rightfully so, calling out the medical staff again.

There has to be a bigger issue going on behind closed doors because this is getting ridiculous. If Michael Bradley has the surgery after the MLS Cup final he would have been scheduled back for mid-March. Now it seems he will be out until June.

This is a big loss for a team that will try to make it back to the MLS Cup for the fourth time in five years.