Morgan Lewis was the #1 overall pick in the NBL-C’s inaugural season in 2011. Photo credit-s

By Luca Rosano

Morgan Lewis is the definition of a man who loves basketball. His empathic personality and tremendous work ethic has led the 27-year-old to a bright future.

Lewis was the first ever pick in the 2011 NBL Canada inaugural draft. He started his NBL-C career with the Oshawa Power, now relocated in Mississauga then played for the London Lightning before returning back home to Mississauga as he finished up his NBL-C career with the Power.

In 2014, Lewis signed a contract with Al Hilal of the Saudi Premier League to go play overseas.

During his time with the NBL-C, Lewis accomplished many feats. He won an NBL-C championship, was named a 2-time NBL-C All-Star, helped the Power clinch its first ever playoff birth, finished seventh all-time in scoring, third in rebounding, and ninth in assists.

Reflecting back on his time with NBL Canada, Lewis knows that his time with the league was well worth the experience.

“The NBL-C has been a great experience for me. Toronto has become home for me,” said the Ohio native. “I believe I will live here the rest of my life. The NBL-C has allowed me to develop my game as well as myself.”

Lewis has already had a memorable career filled with many highlighted moments. When asked to talk about some of his favourite in-game moments Lewis couldn’t help but to reminisce over one particular performance.

“My favourite in-game moment was when I played for the Oshawa Power in the inaugural season,” he said. “On February 10th of that year we played the Halifax Rainmen and I had a great night. My mother and sister were in attendance and it was the first time they had been able to see me play professional basketball live.”

It was the first time his family got to see Lewis play since university, so he used that energy and turned it into arguably his best performance as a pro.

“I had an excellent night,” Lewis said. “I had 39 points, 10 rebounds and was player of the week in the NBL-C. Having my mother and sister there was icing on the cake.”

Lewis also had a memorable off-court moment with the community.

“We went in on Thanksgiving to visit the sick kids and it really put into perspective how blessed I am,” said the two-time NBL All-Star. “Not only did seeing us put smiles on their faces and brought them joy, but it also allowed me to realize that I have the nerve to complain about practice when these children are fighting for their lives.”

Lewis now embarks in a new chapter of his life and career playing in the Saudi Premier League. He looks to make a name for himself even more and show the world his greatness.

“This opportunity means a lot”, said Lewis. “I am on a mission to let the world know my name. That may sound crazy to some, but the only limits that exist in this world are the ones that we place on ourselves.”

Lewis went on to talk about some of the personal goals he has set for himself overseas that are both basketball and spiritually related.

“Some goals I have are to be the league’s MVP and to lead my team in scoring and rebounding,” he said. “I also want to study the Islamic religion and read the Quran.”

Lewis is a charismatic and confident player. He is optimistic and is highly motivating to everyone around him.

So what exactly drives Lewis? What makes this talented and humble young man keep going each and every day? He had the answer.

“The same thing that keeps the grass growing and the trees reaching the sun, because this is what I was made to do.”