It’s not such a bad time to be a Toronto sports fan right now. Toronto FC finds itself in the MLS Eastern Conference Final, the Maple Leafs are one of the best teams in the NHL right now, the Raptors are hot and the Argos are playing in the Grey Cup this Sunday. Let’s not forget about the Blue Jays who have made the ALCS twice in the last three years, despite coming off a disappointing season.

Looking ahead and being optimistic, which is so hard to do with Toronto sports teams. If the Argos win on Sunday, they would bring a championship to Toronto for the first time since 2012. Next, TFC just needs two more victories to capture its first ever MLS Cup. Then we have the Maple Leafs and Raptors who both look playoff bound barring any big collapse. With the Leafs on the rise, it’s not as crazy to think that this team could contend for a Stanley Cup sooner rather than later. Perhaps this season? The Raptors have a much slimmer chance of capturing a championship this season, considering they play in a league filled with Super Teams. The Blue Jays seem to be on the decline as their current window for a World Series is closing, but it’s not yet closed. 

So you’re telling me, 3 Toronto Sports teams have a chance to win it all this season, one will still be in the thick of things come playoff time and the other isn’t a complete disaster? Not too shabby for a city that has endured so much losing since I was born. P.s. I was born right after the Blue Jays won the World Series back in 1993.

Even if the Argos, TFC, Raptors and Maple Leafs go on to win nothing this season, the future still looks bright for these teams. Also, don’t count out the Blue Jays just yet despite having a setback season.

The Argos are due for a Grey Cup victory every couple of years, but as for the other major Toronto sports teams this is how I would rank them in terms of winning a championship next. I even conducted a streeter on this subject and many people went with the Maple Leafs. Check it out.

My Order:

1. TFC

2. Maple Leafs

3. Blue Jays

4. Raptors

I still think Toronto FC wins it this season. Hopefully, I don’t eat my words. As for the rest of the pack, I honestly believe this Maple Leafs team will win the Cup within the next 3 years. Yes, I’m completely sober writing this. The Blue Jays chances depend on what they do this offseason. If they do more retooling than rebuilding, I think they still have a great shot thanks to its good young pitching. As for the Raptors, I’m being very unfair to them but I can’t see them winning it all in this NBA Super Team era. Even if LeBron goes West next season, the Celtics look like the next Eastern Conference powerhouse led by Kyrie Irving. Even if the Raptors somehow do get through to the NBA Finals, a likely matchup against Golden State awaits. Good luck.  

To wrap up, don’t be sour Toronto sports fans because this is probably the best time to be a fan of T.O. sports. It’s now time to take the next step and bring home some championships north of the border.

Until next time, stay cool.