The Toronto Raptors improve to 52-19 after a comeback victory against the Philadelphia 76ers. Stanley Johnson was the unlikely hero, as he hit the dagger shot that gave Toronto the lead with just 4.9 seconds remaining. The game winner gave Adrian Griffin his first win as a head coach. Nick Nurse was on sight but gave total control of the team to Griffin as the Raptors’ first-round playoff match-up has already been set.

ImagePossible Playoff Match-up

If the 76ers defeat the Celtics they will match-up against the Raptors in the second round. While the 76ers have won 3 of the 4 match-ups over Boston, that was with Ben Simmons. With Simmons injured it is extremely difficult to infer anything from the statistics that have been gathered throughout the season. While extremely unlikely at this point it is a possibility. The Raptors have a 3-1 record over the course of the regular season. They’ve had great success holding Joel Embiid to mediocre performances. With their main play-maker out, Embiid will only recieve more attention with Simmons out.

Block Québécois Image

Chris Boucher lead the charge once again. He had 19 points off the bench, while also grabbing 9 rebounds. He was a defensive force as well, swatting 4 shots away. As the conclusion to the irregular season draws near, Chris Boucher has seen his minutes increase as the Raptors are taking care to rest their players before the playoffs. Over the last two games Boucher has averaged 25.6 minutes as opposed to his season average of 13.1 and he’s produced much better than expected. 22 points on 59.3/53.8/71.4 shooting splits is phenomenal. His average of ten rebounds means he’s averaging a double-double. His 4.5 offensive rebounds are huge for a Raptors team that struggles to get second chance points. The offensive explosion is complimented by his elite average of 3 blocks.

Up Next for the Raptors

To finish off the season the Raptors will face-off against the Denver Nuggets on Friday, August 14th at 1:30 PM/EST. With both teams having clinched their playoff position, this will be yet another tune-up game. Toronto will ensure that the team is operating on all cylinders for their first round match-up against the Brooklyn Nets.