Formation Change

With Michael Bradley out, this could be time for a move to a different formation. When everyone was healthy, TFC would start a midfield that had Bradley playing defensively with Delgado close by to help him out and then Pozuelo, Osorio, and then one of Endoh/Benezet/Deleon on the attack. With Jozy out, they decided to refrain from playing another striker and instead put in another attacking mid.

Now I think they could switch it up and move to a 4-3-3. Have a midfield trio of Pozuelo, Osorio, and Delgado working in the middle with newly signed DP Piatti, Altidore, and Gallardo upfront. Of course, if Altidore gets hurt this would have to be re-visited, but in my mind, this formation gives us the best opportunity to score goals which is what TFC was missing last season.

Which TFC 2 player do I think could fill Michael Bradley’s role? Flip the page to find out.