Noble Okello

Take a look at the 2:40 mark and see who scored the game-tying goal in last year’s MLS Homegrown All-Star game. Toronto FC’s own Noble Okello. Okello has been compared to Paul Pogba in the way he can cover the whole field while playing a central midfield role. He is a true box to box midfielder and is the exact type of player Toronto FC needs, not only right now, but for the future as well.

Okello is only 19 years old and still has some developing to do, but why not plug him into the lineup and see what he can do for the first team while Bradley is out?

No matter who fills in for Bradley, no one can replace Bradley’s leadership. However, skill-wise I think a few of these options may work better than if Bradley was in the line-up. Only time will tell. It should be an exciting year at BMO.