Another great Super Bowl is in the bag. Leave it to the New England Patriots to always play in great Super Bowl games. Going into this game, many people thought that the Patriots were going to win and rightfully so. A 5-time Super Bowl champion was going up against a backup QB who considered retiring a few years ago. Nick Foles and the Eagles vs. Tom Brady and the Patriots was billed as David vs. Goliath. However, this game proved that the Patriots were actually David and the Eagles were Goliath.

The Eagles came into the playoffs as a 1-seed and were an underdog in every playoff game they played in, including the Super Bowl. They answered the call against the Falcons, undeniably answered the call against the Vikings and came out flying (no pun intended) against the Patriots.

Let’s get to the Big Game.

The Eagles and Patriots traded field goals to start. Foles then continued to sling the football down the field, throwing a beautiful touchdown pass to Alshon Jeffery. Despite missing the ensuing extra point, it was a great start for the Eagles. Brady then led the Pats down the field on the very next drive but it led to a missed field goal from Stephen Gostkowski. You don’t see that a lot. Then the complexion of the game changed on a dime as Pats wideout Brandin Cooks got tackled hard from his blindside, which forced him to leave the game with a head injury and he did not return. On the same drive, we then saw some trickery from the Patriots, which was a designed pass to Tom Brady. BUT HE DROPPED IT. If only Tom could catch it as good as he throws it. If Brady makes this catch, there’s green grass in front of him. Eagles then capitalized on a Patriots’ failed 4th down conversation with a touchdown from former Patriot, LeGarrette Blount. The Patriots scored the game’s next 9 points, but then STEPHEN GOSTKOWSKI MISSED ANOTHER EXTRA POINT. Wow, who had the over in missed extra points? Thereafter, the play of the game happened in my opinion, which allowed the Eagles to keep momentum going into the half. Doug Pederson proved all season that he was aggressive on 4th down and that didn’t change here in the Super Bowl. On 4th & Goal instead of kicking the field goal, Pederson goes for it and then the Eagles execute the most creative play in Super Bowl history. Foles lined up as a receiver and caught a pass from Trey Burton for the touchdown. That’s how you catch the ball, Brady. Foles became the first player in NFL history to throw and catch a TD pass in the Super Bowl.

What a wild half.

Then Justin Timberlake wowed us at the Super Bowl half-time show, but many people didn’t seem to like it. Oh well. I tune in for the football.

Back to the game. Brady found Gronk in the endzone to start the 3rd quarter. But Foles answered RIGHT BACK finding Corey Clement for a touchdown, which was confirmed after further review. 4th quarter action now, Eagles up 6 and Gronk made a sensational towering catch in the corner of the endzone to give the Pats its first lead of the game. At this point, you could start to sense that the Patriots were ready to take over.

Things got very interesting when faced with a 4th & 1 on their side of the field, Pederson went for it again with just under 6 minutes left in the Super Bowl. This was GUTSY because if this was incomplete the Patriots would have the ball in prime field position up 1. But cue Nick Foles! Who completed a huge 4th down throw and then later found Zach Ertz who JUST broke the plain before losing control of the football for the touchdown. Eagles were up 5 and Brady had the ball in his hands. Oh boy. We’ve seen how this ends before, considering that going into this game Brady had 5 game-winning drives on route to 5 Super Bowl wins. However, this time as Brady steeped up to throw, Brandon Graham provided a strip-sack of Brady. NO TUCK RULE TO SAVE THE PATS HERE. The game was not over as the Pats held the Eagles to a field goal giving Brady one last chance. He had to drive practically the whole length of the field, connect on a two-point conversion in under 1-minute to just bring this game into overtime. If anyone can do it, it’s certainly Tom Brady. Right? Wrong. No storybook finish this year for the Patriots as one final Hail Mary heave into the endzone couldn’t find Gronk. Ball hit the ground, clock ran out and the Eagles were your Super Bowl champions as the final score read 41-33.

This was an incredible game. It was going to be tough to top last year’s Super Bowl, but this game came close. The final total of offensive yardage in the game was 1,151 — more than 200 yards more than any Super Bowl before. More special than anything else was the guy who was struggling to find his place in the league and who considered calling it quits, lead the Eagles as a backup QB to win the franchise’s first Super Bowl. Oh and not to mention, he took home Super Bowl MVP honours too. Have yourself a day, Nick Foles.

Now the Eagles have an excellent problem on their hands. Your backup QB just won the Super Bowl and is going to want to get paid, but you have the future of this team returning in Carson Wentz. I think Foles will remain the Eagles backup QB because you need a good backup with all of the injuries happening in today’s NFL and we may even see him become the starter if Wentz comes back from injury and struggles.

On the Patriots side of things, who knows what happens here. We already know Matt Patricia is the new head coach for the Lions. Josh McDaniels was on his way to becoming the new head coach of the Colts, but left them at the alter as he decided last minute that he would remain with the Patriots. So the Patriots will still have McDaniels, most likely Belichick and a 41-year-old Tom Brady come next season. As for Gronk, I know there were rumours that he may consider retiring but I think that was the emotions of the loss getting to him. Gronk will be back and the Patriots will be just fine next season, but we could start to see the decline of Brady. Only time will tell.

That concludes another NFL season, folks. No more NFL football games to look forward to until August. But hey, this time in 2020 we will all be gearing up for the XFL! If this season taught us one thing, it’s you always need a good backup QB on your team. Catch you all next season!

Oh, before I forget. For those of you who are interested. I did attend a great Super Bowl party hosted by in my hometown of Vaughan and you can check out the reactions from the game in this YouTube video. Cheers!