7. Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook’s super talented all around. From his lightning-quick speed, to his tremendous leaping ability, Westbrook can do it all. He’s simply a freak of nature. What makes Westbrook so special is his strength and speed in the open court. His strength allows him to absorb all contact, while his explosiveness makes him one of the toughest guards to defend in the NBA. He’s multi-talented and could’ve easily been a track and field star with his tremendous speed and agility.


6. Sidney Crosby

“Sid the Kid” is as talented as they come on the ice and in general. Crosby isn’t the biggest athlete at 5’11, however, his skill set is BIG. This Pittsburgh Penguins forward is quick on the ice and his arsenal is outstanding. From scoring with the puck on his own to setting up his teammates, as the “world’s best passer” Crosby’s a complete talent. He’s no pushover either. Crosby’s core strength, low center of gravity and overall strength makes it hard to take him down. His agility and crossover speed makes him one of the most explosive hockey players of all-time. He’s accomplished a lot already and despite several injuries, which have slowed him down, he remains the best player in the game today thanks in large part to his God-given talent and relentless work ethic.


5. Calvin Johnson

Calvin Johnson’s a video game character come to life. How many times has Megatron made catches you would only see in a video game? He’s coined the nickname Megatron because he’s an absolute machine. Calvin Johnson is 6-5, weighs 236 pounds, and runs the 40-yard dash in 4.35 seconds. Oh and he has a freakishly long wingspan. He could easily play basketball with his length and size, but Johnson prefers to amaze everyone on the field instead. His speed outmatches any corner in the game today and his tall athletic size dwarfs any corner who tries to cover him.  Johnson is a rare combination of talent and size so that is why he’s one of the must-see wide receivers and players in the NFL. Just throw the ball up in the air and Johnson will out-run, out-muscle, and out-reach anyone.

calvin johnson

4. Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi’s a world-class star.  Messi, who is only listed at 5’7 is a force to be reckoned with. His speed and lightning quick shot makes him one of the most dangerous strikers in soccer. He can split defenders like a hot knife running through butter and his agility makes him hard to track. Give Messi a tiny crack and he will unload a cannon of a strike that will make any goalkeeper look silly. He’ll rarely miss on good scoring chances and his ball control is spectacular. His foot coordination is so agile that he could do anything he wants with the ball. Messi’s vision sometimes goes forgotten for how often he scores, but he has the ability to set up any teammate as well. Messi never ceases to amaze whenever he posses the ball. He’s a little man with an awfully big skill set.


3. Mike Trout

Mike Trout has been turning heads ever since he burst onto the major league scene. The Los Angeles Angels have bought into the 22-year-old’s hype. Trout’s already getting paid $150 million over six years. While the contract seems to be a bit premature, Trout’s talent and potential could make it money well spent. Trout hits for power, is agile on the bases, hits for a high average and already fields better than most outfielders in the league. He’s 6’2 and 230 pounds after he added 10-15 pounds of muscle last season. He’s a big body and has the endurance and durability not to slow down. If healthy, Trout will continue to get better and will continue to improve as a well-rounded superstar in the majors.


2. Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt’s a blur. It’s fitting that his last name is bolt because he’s a lightning bolt on the track. He’s 6’5 and unless you’re new to the world or something, you’ll know that he’s really fast. Back at the 2009 World Championships, Usain Bolt shattered the 100-m and 200-m world records. His acceleration measured in at 9.5 meters per second. He also generated an incredible 2.6 kilowatts of power (3.5 horsepower). Bolt makes up for his large frame and slightly slow reaction time with his ridiculous long strides and twitch muscle fibers. He’s the modern day flash. bolt

1. LeBron James

LeBron James is the best pure athlete in the world today. Not only can the 6’8, 250-pound James play any position on the basketball court, but he’s so talented that he could probably play any of the four major sports. James has size, speed, strength, athleticism and a body sculpted by the gods. His freak-of-nature status is jaw-dropping and whenever LBJ performs, he steals the show. He makes everything look so easy and effortless too. From draining a three, to bulldozing through defenders, to setting up his teammates, the guy has a sixth sense for basketball. He’s big enough to play football, durable enough to play hockey, strong enough to play baseball and could probably cause some damage in the ring as well. You look up the word athlete in the dictionary and you should see LeBron James flexing his muscles.

LeBron James

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