With Wrestlemania 30 around the corner and the world of sports reaching its apex on all platforms (NBA/NHL playoffs, MLB’s return, NFL free agency/draft, Champions League, World Cup….I could continue but I don’t have all day) it’s only fitting that we combine the two worlds.


It’s time to countdown the top 10 Top WWE Superstar/Sports Athlete Comparisons

10. Dolph Ziggler/Bryce Harper

Young studs, chick magnets and they steal the show. This pretty much describes both Dolph Ziggler and Bryce Harper. Both men have a tremendous amount of talent and have the look that drives the girls wild. They’re incredibly entertaining, are considered uprising stars and are all around hard workers. Ziggler will steal the show and your girlfriend while Harper will pick apart your “clown question, bro.”

ziggler  harper

9. Brock Lesnar/ J.J Watt.

Talk about big boys. Brock Lesnar is listed at 6’3 & 286 lbs, while J.J Watt is listed at 6’5 290 lbs. Freaks of nature. It’s only ironic that both of these two comparable figures are HUGE. These men are intimidating and are probably the last guys you’d want to take a hit from. Lesnar actually played pre-season football in the NFL for a bit but then got cut by the Minnesota Vikings. However, Lesnar then went to go kick some ass in the UFC and then once again in WWE. Watt has also done a lot of ass-kicking in his days. Those poor NFL QB’s.


8. Dean Ambrose/Richard Sherman

It’s simple, Dean Ambrose and Richard Sherman are loudmouths and think they’re the best. Many would say that they’re both cocky, but at the end of the day they back up their claims. Since debuting in WWE, Ambrose has done nothing but impress fans with his in-ring ability and his unique character. He has helped carve “The Shield” into one of the most dominant forces of all time in WWE and is currently the U.S champion. Sherman also came bursting onto the scene. People may know him more for his cocky attitude, but the guy like Ambrose, can perform. Sherman has already become one of the best corners the league has ever seen and was a huge defensive catalyst during the Seattle Seahawks’ Super Bowl run. Finally, both have a bit of a crazy side to them, which makes opponents put them on notice every time they cross their path.

ambrose rich

7. C.M Punk/ Sean Avery

C.M Punk and Sean Avery have no filters. They do and say whatever they want, whenever they want. Both men have had a history of getting into trouble with their words and actions. From Avery’s big time fines to Punk’s infamous pipe-bombs, these two are no stranger to stirring the pot. They’re loud, act like pests and speak their minds. Punk has recently walked away from WWE after stating publicly that he is frustrated with the company’s direction, while Avery retired from the NHL in 2012 and is now working for an advertising and creative agency in New York. Oh, Punk and Avery similarly love to partake in a good, old fashion brawl every now and again.

 punk sean

6. Randy Orton/Cristiano Ronaldo

In many eyes, both of these men resemble the “villain” role respectively. Orton and Ronaldo are soft-spoken, but are talented as hell. They let their ability and talent do the talking. These men prey on weak competition and are the faces of their brand. The Viper and CR7 are very successful and are the alpha-males everyones wishes to be. Both experienced success at such a young age (Orton-youngest World Heavyweight Champion at 24…….Ronaldo led Portugal to Euro Cup Final over Greece at 19) and are now dynamic veterans who have become even better at what they do.

orton ronolado

5. Daniel Bryan/Stephen Curry

YES, YES, YES! Daniel Bryan has not only become one of the most popular characters in WWE, but he’s quickly becoming the face of the company. His comparison is Stephen Curry. Curry alike Bryan is one of the top rising stars in his respective industry. He’s becoming the face of the NBA and has gained respect and love from the fans. He and Bryan look to feed off the support from the fans and use their young talent so that they can turn their hard work into some hardware soon. Bryan and Curry are not the tallest of competitors, but they make sure to leave it all on the line as they steal the crowd with their hot performances.

bryan curry

4. Shawn Michaels/ Derek Jeter

Mr. Wrestlemania meets Mr. November. One word describes both of these men precisely. Clutch. Along with that they both steal the show on the grandest stage.  Derek Jeter is a five-time World Series champion and has claimed the name “Mr. November” for his record setting performances and post-season heroics. Michaels is a three-time WWE champion and HBK has stolen the show in so many memorable Wrestlemania moments deeming him “Mr Wrestlemania.” Jeter and Michaels are no strangers to the big moment and embrace the spotlight. Jeter came up with big plays when it mattered the most and Michaels hit his signature moves when needed. They owned big situations.

hbk jeter

3. Triple H/Kobe Bryant

Two of the most enticing and polarizing figures in sports and sports entertainment. You talk about two men who strive to be the absolute best, you don’t have to look any further than the cerebral assassin and the black mamba. There is so much gold and so many accolades accomplished between these two iconic men. They’re simply addicted to success. HHH is a 13-time World Champion, won the King of the Ring, the 2002 Royal Rumble and is the second Grand Slam Championship winner in WWE history. Bryant is a five-time NBA champion, has one MVP and is a 20-time NBA all-star. Both Bryant and Triple H are great team players as well. Kobe Bryant led supporting casts such as Derrick Fisher, Robert Horry, Shaquille O’neal, Paul Gasol and Trevor Arizia to championship gold, whereas Triple H led Shawn Michaels (DX) and members of his other stable (Evolution) to championship success as well. Bryant and Triple H dominated in their prime and were always featured as top players. Nowadays, both of these men are still the center of attention and still crave success even though they are past their glory days. Both are fierce competitors and are certainly HOF bound.

hhh bryant

2. John Cena/ Peyton Manning

These men have dominated the last decade and now pave the way for future talent. Highly successful, always seen, but constantly criticized and hated on. John Cena and Peyton Manning, love them or hate them, the guys are big time players and love to win. In his decade of dominance, Cena is a 14-time World Champion, has won MITB, is a two-time Royal Rumble winner and is the most marketable and recognizable guy in WWE. He is also well known for his grassroots involvement outside of the ring. Peyton Manning also has had a rich decade of dominance. He’s a five-time league MVP and has one Super Bowl and Super Bowl MVP to his name. Manning and Cena have broken many records over the years. They are always under the public eye and are featured as the hot commodities in their industries. They’re expected to do great things every time they perform and are often criticized for not winning “the big one.” With both of their careers coming to a halt, Cena and Manning continue to prove that they still have something left in the tank and still challenge the new generation of talent to try and take their throne.

cena manning

1. The Undertaker/Tim Duncan

The legend of The Undertaker meets the legend of Tim Duncan. Boy, this is going to be good. The Undertaker and Tim Duncan don’t do a lot of talking but they sure as hell command respect and make their presence felt immediately. Whenever you witness these warriors arrive you know something epic is about to happen. Taker and Duncan are getting old, that’s no surprise, however, they still manage to put up big performances when it matters the most. During the regular season Tim Duncan isn’t really talked about and his numbers don’t really stand out because well he’s gearing up for what’s most important to him this late in his career; a playoff and championship run. Whereas you won’t see much of The Undertaker during the WWE calendar year, because the older Undertaker is gearing up and resting for what’s most important to him; a Wrestlemania run. These two mythical legends rise when the stakes are high. For The Undertaker he’s no stranger to success at the big dance. He is currently 21-0  at Wrestlemania and always produces memorable moments every time he enters those matches. Duncan has won four NBA championships and always seems to play his best basketball during a playoff run. Duncan is 4-1 all time in the NBA finals. (His perfect finals record was broken last year vs.Miami). Timmy D looks poised this season to add another championship to his already HOF career. The Undertaker on the other hand, is looking to extend his illusive and legendary undefeated streak to 22-0 when he takes on Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 30. Both of these men are silent for most of the year, however, when it’s time to come up big on the grandest stage of them all, they deliver with an authority.

taker duncan

Let us know what you think about these comparisons and share some of your own!

-Luca Rosano @TheSportsRose