With the 2020 season just a few weeks away, it is almost time to reveal the new away Kit that TFC will be wearing this season. Toronto FC had originally planned to reveal the jersey during the first week of February. However, the jersey has leaked online. Check out the new Away kit below.

The Good

Well, to be honest, there isn’t much I can think of too put here. Including the Toronto flag on the back is a nice touch. The Red trim at the bottom of the sleeves looks nice as well. Other than that, not much is good about this kit.

The Bad

Another white kit? Fans got excited when new TFC apparel came out and there was a very nice black sweater that led many to believe the new kit would echo that. After all, the Toronto FC Onyx jersey is one of the overall best kits in TFC history. Unfortunately, it is another white kit. This time with some designs in the jersey instead of plain white like the most recent kit. Also, the star is almost impossible to see. After all the hard work it took to earn that star, one would think it would be a prominent aspect of all future kits.

The Ugly

It looks like the rumors were right. This season every team will have one of their kits reflecting Adidas’ new vertical stripes on the sleeve. This is a hideous choice and on the TFC kit, it looks like the shoulder was slashed by Wolverine. These look like training warm-up shirts you can buy at Walmart instead of paying for the real kit. Even the crest looks pretty bad in the monochromatic style they went for.

All in all, I think this is a big L for Toronto FC. The jersey leaves a lot to be desired and I really wish they went back to the black/onyx color. Here’s hoping this leak is fake but it does come from a very credible source.

Overall rating 4/10.