Now with Bradley signed on a TAM deal, the hunt for the 3rd DP can begin. Toronto FC needs another goal scorer. Someone who can attack the wings and put the ball in the net. Names like Mario Balotelli, and even bringing back Giovinco have already come up. Could PSV Eindhoven attacker Bruma be added to the potential list? According to a source in the Dutch league, it’s a possibility.

Now I don’t know how credible this source is. Just for fun let’s assume it is a possibility. Once you translate that article to English, it states that Toronto FC and Fenerbahçe are interested in signing the underperforming attacker. Would Bruma be a good fit in Toronto FC?


Signing Bruma would be a huge get for TFC and I hope this rumor is true. At only 25 years old, Bruma is the exact player Toronto FC needs to get to the next level.

Why It Could Happen

Bruma made a name for himself at Galatasaray before moving to the Bundesliga. He struggled at his time there, only scoring 5 times in 41 appearances. Bruma is currently with PSV Eindhoven where he has two goals in 11 appearances. PSV saw potential and thought they could reignite his career with a change of scenery. So far it hasn’t gone to plan. He has yet to find a spot in the starting 11 and is not a guaranteed sub every game.

He is currently valued at just over 11 million dollars USD. It might be hard to say no to that kind of money for a player who isn’t in the starting 11.

Why It Should Happen

TFC needs a winger who can score goals. Brumas has proven he can put the ball in the net and he plays fast on the wing and can get the ball in the box. If he can regain his form he was in at Galatasaray, he could become a nightmare for defenders in the MLS. Just take a look at some of his highlights.

Imagine that paired with Pozuelo and Altidore? It excites me just thinking about it. MLS has been known to turn around the careers of young guys struggling in Europe. Look at Josef Martinez. He was struggling in Europe and came to Atlanta and is now one of the best strikers the MLS has ever seen. Bruma is only 25 years old. He is just entering his prime and could become a big part of TFC’s future should they get him. I have been saying for years that MLS needs to stop bringing in big names that are over 30 years old and focus on bringing in young guys with big potentials.

Why It Won’t Happen

Bruma has just signed a 5 year deal with PSV back in June. It’s a little premature to call his tenure there a failure. Both Bruma and PSV might want to give it a full season before deciding to move on. Not to mention if Bruma moves to Toronto it could mean he no longer has a chance at getting called up to play for the Portuguese national team. Also, the article mentions that Fenerbahçe is interested in him. Bruma might be more inclined to move back to a league where has had success before. Playing in the Turkish league also gives him a shot at being called up by the national team.

Chances It Happens

Honestly, I wouldn’t take this rumor seriously. It’s the exact player Toronto FC needs but I can’t see Bruma willing to make the move to MLS. I’d give this a 10% chance of happening. However, if Santa is reading this, all I want for Christmas is for this to be real.

Even if this move doesn’t happen, these are the type of players TFC should be trying to bring in. Let’s stop trying to bring back a 32-year-old Giovinco (who will be 33 by the time the next season starts), or Mario Balotelli, or anyone over the age of 30. TFC should focus on signing younger guys entering their prime, who can be difference-makers for the club for years to come.