Why always me?

The famous line of Mario Balotelli, that has seemed to follow him throughout his career. Off-field issues have overshadowed what could have been a very impressive career for the Italian. This is a guy, who the night before a derby match, set his house on fire by shooting fireworks out of his bathroom. On-field, Mario Balotelli wasn’t always a saint either. Mario had a lot of discipline issues and was prone to getting red cards and throwing tantrums. Just listen to this story by Jose Mourinho about a certain incident with Mario.

Big Rumor Alert

Now the rumor on twitter the past few days is that TFC is interested in signing Mario Balotelli. How accurate is that rumor? We will get into that later. It could just be fan speculation that a “journalist” took liberties with. However, for the fun of it, let’s take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly of signing Mario Balotelli.

The Good

Mario Balotelli is still only 29-years-old. Which makes him only a year older than fellow DP Alejandro Pozuelo. He is a dynamic striker that, if motivated, could dominate the MLS the same way Zlatan did. After bouncing around between Milan and Liverpool, Balotelli found a home at Nice in the French league and scored 33 goals in 61 games. That’s more than .5 goals a game in one of the top leagues in the world.

Now he is stuck at Brescia, who is at the bottom of the table in Serie A. He has 2 goals in 6 games but unfortunately, off-field issues are taking the spotlight instead of his play. This time though it is nothing Mario has done. Throughout his whole career, he has faced racism and this season it has gotten ugly. Inexcusable comments from the club president and disgusting chants by fans of the opposing team lead me to believe Mario wants to get out of Serie A as soon as possible. One game he even tried to walk off the pitch due to the number of racist chants he was receiving. This is the reason why the rumors of his move to Toronto gained traction. Toronto, being a multicultural city, would treat Balotelli very well and give him a great lifestyle.

Getting Mario Balotelli out of that toxic relationship and into a healthy one could motivate him to become one of the best strikers the MLS has ever seen. As seen this season in Toronto, scoring is something they desperately need.

The Bad

Is there a fit for Mario Balotelli at Toronto FC? This is considering Jozy Altidore remains healthy all year, which again is a big if. TFC is a team that likes to attack from the wings. They have proved that by spending money on wingers to come in and make a difference (Gallardo & Benezet) and developing young wingers as well (Endhoh & Shaffelburg). It’s tough to believe they can maintain that style of play if they have Balotelli and Altidore playing as two center forwards. Instead of attacking through the wings it would have to come from the middle of the pitch which would be a big adjustment.

Before people come for me claiming “we had Giovinco paired with Altidore and it worked perfectly” just stop. Giovinco is a completely different player than Mario Balotelli is and Seba complimented Altidore very well. Will Balotelli compliment Altidore? It’s possible. It’s also possible that it congests the middle of the pitch and doesn’t work. It would be a high-risk high-reward move for Toronto FC, but there are a few more issues they have to be okay with.

The Ugly

As mentioned before, Mario Balotelli has a reputation for being a nightmare of the field. Take a look at this list of some of the craziest things he has done in his career.

It just seems like a giant risk for Toronto FC to spend DP money on someone with this many red flags. In a league where, currently, you can only spend big money on three players, having one be this big risk just doesn’t make sense. Especially considering TFC already has a great striker in Jozy Altidore.

Is this possible?

If Toronto FC has taught me anything, it’s that anything is possible. However, I don’t see this move happening. It makes sense in theory. Toronto could offer Balotelli a fresh start in a much safer and friendlier environment. In return, Mario Balotelli can give us the scoring that we need. I just don’t see head office taking this risk, especially after I saw this tweet from Kristian Jack.

I trust KJ’s sources and if he says it’s false I believe him. As fun as it would be as a fan to watch Mario Balotelli next season, I believe TFC will use that money elsewhere. Like KJ said, the only MB that we are going to sign, is our captain.